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water series

by jennifer topaz bruce

This series was inspired by three events, the coming of spring,  a book and "The Challenge."

artist's note

I knew I wanted to do a series which was lighter in colour I just didn't know what direction it would go in.  The fact that spring was in the air certainly had something to do with  my thoughts of water and daydreaming of the beach.  Right about the same time I was referencing a book on mixing your own paint colours.  On the last page of the book there was a painting that caught my eye.  The captions below indicated that the piece had been made using only four colours.  Lastly my sister had challenged me to produce smaller pieces as not everyone has the space, money and/or likes big pieces of art.


So, using only four colours for mixing and smaller canvases with thoughts of days at the beach  I created the Water series.  In the end I was very pleased with the results.  However I needed a little something extra. The addition of some small pieces of acrylic skins I had been working on were just the thing. Those are the gunmetal grey/silver bits that can be seen on each piece.  I have included a couple closeups for fun!

~jennifer topaz bruce

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