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jennifer topaz bruce - painter

I have come to realize that if you want change you need to make it happen.  You need to be the catalyst.  You need to breakaway from the routine you've settled into.  Painting allows me to separate from all things I am tethered to, even if only for a short time.  It allows me to express how I see the world when I close my eyes. The chaos/order the structure/ebb and flow and most importantly the raw emotion.

In 2013 I was encouraged by a self-taught artist who listened to my tales of woe regarding my desire to paint.  I have always been a very creative person I just hadn't actually picked up a paintbrush since public school.  I had never worked on canvases before and the idea was a little overwhelming. With encouragement, I started down a new path which, slowly took me away from the professional world that I had been a part of. 


I have opted to devote my time to painting and to continue moving forward towards what I consider the unknown.  The absence of self imposed boundaries allows me to free certain parts of myself that I have placed in a gilded cage.  I have much to learn but I also have much to share.  In life if you look, listen and learn there is always opportunity for growth.



NB - I want to acknowledge Simon, Samantha and Margherita for supporting me.  Each of you gave me something that I needed in order to move forward.   I tip my hat to you three and offer you a thousand thank-yous.

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